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Posted by on Mar 8, 2015 in Recent Cases |

$2.3 million attorneys’ fees dispute dismissed in favor of former client and substituting attorneys

In February of 2015 two of our attorneys, Bob Baker and Derrick Lowe, finally brought a long-standing dispute over attorneys’ fees to an end in favor of the substituting attorneys, DeWitt Algorri & Algorri and Maryam Parman, and the client, Marvin Vindel. Ardeshir Majlessi, Mr. Vindel’s former attorney, claimed that he was entitled to a percentage of the $4.75 million settlement that the substituting attorneys obtained on behalf of Mr. Vindel after they replaced Mr. Majlessi as Mr. Vindel’s attorneys. Mr. Majlessi ultimately brought lawsuits against both the attorneys and client on the theory that he was entitled to half of that settlement recovery. Our clients disagreed and after we obtained a ruling forcing Mr. Majlessi to dismiss his claims against the substituting attorneys in November of 2014, the case was finally brought to a close when we obtained a permanent dismissal of the entire dispute in exchange for a waiver of costs on behalf of the substituting attorneys and Mr. Vindel, with no damages paid by either client.