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We are trial attorneys.

Why do we call ourselves “attorneys” instead of “lawyers”?  Because a lawyer is someone who has studied the law in a classroom while an attorney is someone who has actually practiced law in a courtroom.  This distinction is why we call ourselves attorneys, not just lawyers, because simply knowing the law is not enough to get the results our clients need.

Like all experienced attorneys, we identify the issues, investigate the facts, gather the evidence, research the law, and formulate the necessary arguments to advance our clients’ position.  But what truly sets Baker, Keener & Nahra apart from other law firms is our belief that the practice of law is simple – know the client’s goals and always be prepared to go to trial to achieve them.  Since the formation of our firm in 1986, this belief has been at the foundation of our practice, underlying every case we have handled and every client we have represented.  It is a belief that in order to get the best possible results for our clients we must always be ready, willing, and able to take their cases all the way to the finish line: all the way through trial.

We know that many cases will be resolved before trial.  However, we also know that preparing each case with the intent and ability to go to trial is necessary to achieve the best results for our clients at the negotiating table.  Through our belief in driving our clients’ cases forward, instead of settling for “good enough,” we have consistently succeeded in representing our clients both inside and outside the courtroom.  Our opponents are well aware of the successes of our attorneys and our willingness to go to trial if settlement falls apart and this allows us to make sure that any resolution that takes place outside of trial – whether through settlement discussions or alternative dispute resolution –  will provide our clients with the best possible results.

We also believe that you should not only be proud of the results you get, but the way that you get them.  While we fight hard, we also fight fair because our clients’ interests are not served by fostering personal grudges or undertaking deceptive tactics with our opponents.  To that end we strive to practice law in an ethical and professional manner so that we not only get results for our clients, but are proud of the manner in which they were achieved.

We may not be the largest or the oldest firm around, but when it comes to solving our clients’ problems our results speak for themselves.  The collective knowledge and experience of our attorneys is based on hundreds of trials and thousands of cases and we would like to put that to use on your behalf, whether you’re a corporation, a public entity, an insurance company, or an individual; whether it is at the beginning of your case or on the eve of trial.  So please give us a call to discuss how we may assist you: let’s talk about your goals, figure out where the finish line is, and see if we can help you start running towards it.