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Privacy Policy

Last revised June 15, 2014

We understand that protecting your privacy is important to you but that it can also be a difficult and elusive goal to achieve these days.  So while we can’t do much to protect your privacy elsewhere on the internet, we’ll do our best to ensure that your privacy is at least protected when visiting our website.  To that end, it is the policy of our firm that we do not sell to third-parties any of the information collected, posted or transmitted on or through our website and except under extenuating circumstances (see below), will not transmit any of your private information to third-parties.

Before moving on to a further discussion of our privacy policy, however, we need to briefly distinguish between “private” and “privileged.”  Simply put, private information is much less legally protected than privileged information.  As discussed in our terms and conditions, communications made to us through our website do not create any type of attorney-client, privileged or confidential relationship between you and our firm.  This means that while we consider information transmitted through this website to be private, there is no privilege attached to this information.  This in turn means that if keeping the information private would result in or protect illegal activity, if we are ordered by a Court or law enforcement to produce the information or generally if we believe keeping the information private could be harmful, we may choose to disclose your information to the appropriate authority.  TLDR: Don’t use the website to transmit any information you wish to remain confidential.  Now, with these conditions in mind, back to the privacy policy.

There are generally two types of information that are collected through our website.  The first type is information that you have chosen to provide to us through the website.  This includes anything that you may input into or deliberately send through the website, particularly posts or messages, and may consist of everything from personal identifying information, such as your name, address, phone number or e-mail address, to factual information about yourself or your situation, such as an inquiry about the details of your case.  Our policy on this type of information is simple: subject to the conditions above, any information in this first category is only used for the purposes intended by you.  For example, if you contact us by e-mail we will only use your e-mail address to provide a response to you.

The second type of information we refer to by the highly technical term of browsing “stuff.”  This covers information that is automatically generated or logged when you visit the website (barring any settings on your browser) such as cookies, browser and operating system identity, IP address and other similar types of data.  This information is only used in the aggregate for purposes of evaluating the effectiveness of our website, to collect general data about our visitors and to analyze trends or track movements throughout our website.  Subject to the conditions above, none of this aggregated data is linked to you or any of your personal identifying information or disclosed to third-parties.

So that’s it for our privacy policy.  If you have any questions or concerns about the operation of this website or this privacy policy, please feel free to contact our office administrator at “” at your earliest convenience.