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Posted by on Jul 20, 2015 in Publications |

We’re Moving on August 10, 2015!

We’re Moving on August 10, 2015!

After many years at our present location at 633 West 5th St. Suite 5500 in Downtown Los Angeles, on August 10, 2015 Baker, Keener and Nahra will be packing up its bags and moving all the way to…Suite 4900. Yes, it’s a bit anti-climactic, we know.

Still, the mailing address for the firm will technically change as of that date, so please make sure any correspondence are directed at our new(ish) address: 633 West 5th St. Suite 4900 Los Angeles, CA 90071.

And please stop on by to check out the new offices, though maybe wait a few days until we’ve got all our boxes unpacked and the moving dust has settled!