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Recent Cases For 2018

We’re sometimes asked “why is it that you don’t regularly post case results,” so we thought this would be a good time to answer that question. The short answer is that we generally save this posting space for major events like prevailing at trial; however, cases rarely make it all the way to trial. While we obtain great results for our clients on a regular basis, the downside of working primarily on the defense side of civil cases is that we don’t get the big, flashy numbers that attorneys handling plaintiff cases get to post – that is, “$500 million dollar verdict obtained” makes for a much more interesting headline than “after two years our client was dismissed from the lawsuit” or “after two years our client only had to pay $5,000 to settle the case,” particularly when we avoid the helpful details to protect the privacy of our clients.

So while we could provide a constant stream of updates, we’ve decided to generally save this space for notable trials or other events for the firm. If you have any questions about our work, however, please feel free to contact any of our attorneys directly and they’ll be happy to discuss with you the recent results they’ve been able to obtain on behalf of our clients.