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$530,000 award obtained in arbitration for breach of settlement agreement

In October of 2015, attorneys Phil Baker and Dan Leonard secured an award of over $530,000 at an arbitration before the Honorable Charles S. Vogel (Ret.) in a contract dispute over performance of a settlement agreement between former partners. The arbitrator rejected Respondents’ attempts to disturb the terms of the settlement agreement and found the agreement fully enforceable, including payment of interest and actual attorneys’ fees and costs in addition to the $530,401.16 awarded to our...

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Over $1.2 million collected on behalf of injured victims in trio of settlements

In a trio of cases between April and June of 2015, attorneys from Baker, Keener & Nahra collected over $1.2 million in settlements on behalf of injured victims: $500,000 settlement for prescription drug overdose In April of 2015, attorneys Robert Baker and Ken Spencer secured a $500,000 settlement on behalf of a 23 year-old college student who suffered a prescription drug overdose caused by a pharmacy error. The overdose resulted in significant injuries, income loss and life disruption. The defense experts disputed the nature and extent of the claimed injures; however, several weeks before trial the case was settled for a favorable sum after protracted negotiations and despite the statutory limitations on damages. $400,000 settlement on behalf of retired music agent In May of 2015, attorney Ken Spencer secured a $400,000 settlement on behalf of a 72 year-old retired music agent for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles. The client was rear-ended by a negligent driver who precipitated a chain reaction...

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Defense verdict for hospital client on plaintiff’s professional negligence claim for pressure ulcer development.

The plaintiff, an 85-year old woman, sued our hospital client for the development of a pressure ulcer while she was being treated for a number of life threatening issues and claimed that the standard of care had been violated. This case was first filed in March of 2013 and after our attorneys gradually eliminated the causes of action for negligent infliction of emotional distress, elder abuse and willful misconduct, plaintiff presented only a single cause of action for professional negligence at trial. After hearing attorneys John Nahra and Brenda Benson present the hospital’s defense, however, today the jury unanimously disagreed with plaintiff’s negligence claim and returned a complete defense verdict in favor of our...

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$2.1 million judgment obtained on behalf of school district for breach of contract and fraud claims

In March of 2015, Bob Baker, in collaboration with R. Jeffrey Neer and David E. Kenney, obtained a $2,171,609 judgment on behalf of the Montebello Unified School District (“MUSD”) in its claims against Fitness Profile, Inc. and Dennis Windscheffel (“Defendants”). This case arose out of the administration of after-school programs at three high schools within MUSD. MUSD claimed that the Defendants failed to provide promised services, siphoned off money for their own personal use and then engaged in fraudulent activity to cover up this misconduct by manipulating records. In the bench trial, the judge agreed with MUSD’s claims and, in addition to the award of damages and punitive damages resulting in the $2,171,609 judgment, also ordered an award of costs and attorneys’ fees in favor of...

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$2.3 million attorneys’ fees dispute dismissed in favor of former client and substituting attorneys

In February of 2015 two of our attorneys, Bob Baker and Derrick Lowe, finally brought a long-standing dispute over attorneys’ fees to an end in favor of the substituting attorneys, DeWitt Algorri & Algorri and Maryam Parman, and the client, Marvin Vindel. Ardeshir Majlessi, Mr. Vindel’s former attorney, claimed that he was entitled to a percentage of the $4.75 million settlement that the substituting attorneys obtained on behalf of Mr. Vindel after they replaced Mr. Majlessi as Mr. Vindel’s attorneys. Mr. Majlessi ultimately brought lawsuits against both the attorneys and client on the theory that he was entitled to half of that settlement recovery. Our clients disagreed and after we obtained a ruling forcing Mr. Majlessi to dismiss his claims against the substituting attorneys in November of 2014, the case was finally brought to a close when we obtained a permanent dismissal of the entire dispute in exchange for a waiver of costs on behalf of the substituting attorneys and Mr. Vindel, with no damages paid by either...

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Long-standing dispute over JPA coverage settles in favor of defendant JPA

After nearly ten years of litigation and repeated successes at both the state and federal level, in September of 2013 our attorneys, led by Bob Baker, finally brought to an end the longstanding dispute between an elementary school district and our client, a joint powers authority (“JPA”) of which the school district was a member.  Over the course of this litigation, the school district insisted that the JPA failed to provide the promised coverage while the JPA maintained that it fulfilled all of its obligations. Upon reaching arbitration, the case ultimately settled in exchange for a waiver of costs, with no monies owed or ever paid to the school...

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